Why call Central Roofing Services if your homes chimney needs repaired or replaced in  Knox County, Ohio?

As a homeowner, you need to handle issues such as maintenance and repairs from time to time. Some of the areas in your home that need to be well maintained include the chimney.

Signs that your chimney needs to be repaired or replaced include:
• The chimney crown is damaged
• White discoloration
• The firebox has corroded

If you’re not in a position to inspect the chimney, you should contact Central Roofing Services n Knox County, Ohio.

How the Chimney Repairs Are Conducted

Central roofing services will check every part of the chimney, starting from the liner, chimney flue, cap, crown, flashing, and the smoke chamber. Each of these parts can be damaged; however, you will first notice the mortar deteriorates fast. The mortar is the cement present in between the bricks that make up the chimney.

The mortar is mainly affected by moisture. In some instances, you may assume the chimney will fall. The extent of the damage is what matters most in such an instance.

Central roofing services will start by repairing the mortar. The process is easy, and it entails mixing the mortar until it is thick enough. Before the mortar is applied, the contractors will first clean the dirt that is present on the chimney. If the main issue is with the brick joints, you’ll go ahead and apply the mortar. The contractor should be careful, and any mortar that gets stuck on the bricks should be removed.

Another common issue that Central Roofing Services will look into is checking whether the chimney’s crown has been damaged. If the crown has cracks, it needs to be filled using the mortar.

Some of the factors to consider when hiring a roofing services firm include:

1. Consider the Company’s Reputation and Experience

As for Central Roofing Services, the company has been offering its services for a prolonged period in Knox County, Ohio. The firm’s reputation is also positive.

Central Roofing services usually hire experienced contractors who are also licensed. Additionally, the contractors are insured. In case of any injuries, while repairing the chimney, the insurance company will pay for the medical expenses.

2. Does the company offer a warranty?

Central Roofing services usually offer a workmanship warranty. Such a warranty showcases that the company is confident in the quality of services they offer. In case any issue arises after the repairs have been conducted, feel free to reach out to Central Roofing Services. If the issue occurred during the warranty period, the company would handle the repairs free of charge.


Central Roofing Services also offers free quotes to each client who needs chimney repair or replacement services. The firm’s professional contractors will assess the chimney and determine whether it needs to be replaced or repaired. After that, you will get a quote, and the repair or replacement process will commence.

Feel free to contact us today for quality chimney repair and replacement services.